S3 Proxy

Enable S3 support in ZebClient file system with S3 Proxy


  • ZebClient cluster installed with a /fs (file system) folder.

Add S3 support to ZebClient:

ZebClient provides a file system interface that is POSIX compliant. Adding S3 support is easy with S3 Proxy, which is a piece of software that convert most S3 commands into a file system.

Download and configure S3 Proxy:

Download S3 Proxy binary and follow the instructions.
Configure S3 proxy connecting your network interface to the mounting location of Zebclient.
Vital configuration consists of two important settings:
  • s3proxy.endpoint: configuring network endpoint for S3 to communicate with
  • jclouds.filesystem.basedir: configuring filesystem endpoint for storage (/fs is default Zebclient mounting location)
Configuration example:
S3 Proxy does not provide a full set of S3 commands, please review known limitations here.