Restore KeyDB Backup from S3

Restoring a KeyDB backup from S3 is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to restore the backup:

  1. Open the AWS Management Console and navigate to the S3 service.

  2. Locate the backup file that you want to restore and make a note of the S3 bucket name, the file name, and the region where the file is stored.

  3. Open a terminal window and connect to the KeyDB server where you want to restore the backup.

  4. Stop the KeyDB server by running the following command:

    keydb-cli shutdown save

    This will save a snapshot of the current database state and shut down the KeyDB server.

  5. Navigate to the directory where the backup file will be restored.

  6. Download the backup file from S3 to the current directory by running the following command:

    aws s3 cp s3://bucket-name/file-name .

    Replace bucket-name and file-name with the S3 bucket name and the backup file name, respectively.

  7. Once the file has finished downloading, run the following command to restore the backup:

    keydb-server file-name

    Replace file-name with the name of the backup file.

  8. Once the restore process is complete, start the KeyDB server by running the following command:


    The KeyDB server should now be running and restored to the state at the time the backup was taken.

Note: Ensure that the KeyDB server version is the same as the version that was used to create the backup file. Restoring a backup file from a different version of KeyDB may result in compatibility issues or data corruption.

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