Online License


The standard ZebClient offering includes an online license that monitors customer usage and maintains a connection to the Zebware backend systems for reporting and validation. The ZebClient license comes with an open-ended validity and necessitates renewal only to upgrade the current ZebClient software version.

Size of License

The online license reports every new node as soon as it is activated. On an hourly basis the license reports ongoing usage including the count of connected application nodes, CPUs within those nodes, volume of data under management, and the deployment status of connected application nodes as standard application nodes or converged application/acceleration nodes.

Should customer usage exceed the subscribed and prepaid count of application nodes and CPUs, the ZebClient online license will report this. The additional usage will then be charged on an hourly basis the following month. Price adjustments for upgrades and downgrades of fix monthly fees are settled in the subsequent month.

Volume of data under management is continuously reported and average usage over a month is charged in the subsequent month.

Data Access

In the event of non-payment within the stipulated timeframe, the license will permit only read and deletion of data following a grace period, which typically extends up to a maximum of 30 days. If the subscription remains unpaid after a subsequent shorter grace period, the ZebClient online license will be revoked and can only become active upon proper payment and activation by Zebware.

Offline License


ZebClient licenses can be provided as an offline licenses to customers who require their IT infrastructure solutions to be isolated from the internet.

Size of License

Offline licenses are designed with a fixed configuration, specifying the permitted design parameters under this license including e.g. the maximum number of CPUs, and the maximum volume of data under management. Usage beyond these predefined limits is not possible. Customers can upgrade or downgrade their static configuration through Zebware Customer Portal by logging in, placing an order and receiving an updated license.


Offline licenses are subject to upfront charging and payment and their pricing is tailored to each individual customer in accordance with the current price list.

The price difference to a current license is charged immediately for upgrades while adjustments for downgrades are settled in the upcoming billing cycle in alignment with the current license cost.

Binding Time

Offline licenses are provided as six or twelve months binding time versions. Both versions are billed quarterly in advance.

Offline licenses require renewal after termination of each respective license period. Consequently, a six-month license requires two renewals per year and a 12-month license once per year. Renewals can be completed by logging into Zebware Customer Portal, placing a renewal order, downloading the renewed license, and making the first quarterly upfront payment.

Data Access

If a license is not renewed and paid for within the stipulated timeframe, the license will permit only read and deletion of data during a grace period, which typically extends up to a maximum of 30 days after expiry of the license period. If the license remains unrenewed and unpaid after a subsequent shorter grace period, it will become inactive, resulting in the loss of both functionality and data access.

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