Understanding our CloudFormation Template

AWS Cloud Services

In order to understand the resources we deploy with our CloudFormation template, you should get familiar with the following AWS Cloud Services and basic concepts. This will enable you to maintain the ZebClient cluster after deployment.

AWS Resources

During the ZebClient deployment, the following resources are created:

  • IAM User and Policy: ZebClient uses an IAM user and associated Account to access the S3 buckets created as part of the process. The policy allows the IAM user to manage S3 buckets within the AWS Account used for installation

  • VPC and Subnet: We create a new VPC and a new subnet using where the EC2 instances will sit. This VPC will include a security group that permits access to all servers in the group and SSH access to the public IP address provided in the installation process

  • EC2 Instances: We create application and acceleration nodes. The application nodes will include a mount point to the ZebClient parallel file system. Naming will be based on the Stack name given in the CloudFormation template

  • S3 Buckets: We will create an S3 bucket for each of the servers in the installation. This is where the Cold Layer data resides

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