Add Jumpbox

Add Jumpbox from the Management Node

In order to install ZebClient on any new vm i.e. a new VM outside of a Kubernetes cluster, follow the steps below:

1. Once the deployment is completed, ssh to the ZebClient management node. 2. Run the zc-cli tool. 3. Choose option 2) Add ZebClient agent node

By running the script, the following steps will be executed on the target vm:

1. Copy the management node's public key to the target vm's i.e. the jumpbox's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 2. Copy the following files to the target vm:   - agent.env - the ZebClient config file that contains all the variables   - zebclient-linux-amd64 - the ZebClient binary   - zebclient-agent.service - the ZebClient systemd service file   - the keypair - the management node's public key 3. A zebclient user will be created if not exist on the target vm. 4. Create the ZebClient mount point. 5. And lastly start the ZebClient service. 6. Once done, the script will also verify the ZebClient agent is running and the mount point is mounted correctly.

For your reference, the script can be downloaded from the link below:

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