Step 0 - Setup

For this deployment we will use Azure. The next tools will be used during this deployment :

Before start, an Azure Blob Storage Container is needed to store the terraform states. (guide to create an azure container). As good practice, this resource group, storage account and blob storage container are called tfstates.

You can create the terraform states container in Azure web console or with azcli using the commands:

#Those are suggested names, you can choose names and region as you prefeer

az group create \
  --name $RG_NAME \
  --location $AZ_REGION

az storage account create \
  --name $SA_NAME \
  --resource-group $RG_NAME \
  --location $AZ_REGION

SA_KEY=$(az storage account keys list \
  --resource-group $RG_NAME \
  --account-name $SA_NAME --output table \
  | grep key1 | awk '{print $4}')

az storage container create \
  --account-name $SA_NAME \
  --account-key $SA_KEY \
  --name $SAC_NAME

To finish the preparation step, let's get the template to create the Advanced Analytics cluster with ZebClient

git clone

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