Add New Application Node

Create a New Application Node:

  1. Log in to your AWS Management Console and navigate to the EC2 service.

  2. Choose Launch Instance to begin the process of launching a new instance.

  3. Choose ZebClientCluster-<deployment id>-ApplicationNode<N> as the name of the instance where deployment id is the id generated when you installed your cloud formation stack and N is the next number of application node.

  4. Select the either Ubuntu or Red Hat Icon.

  5. Choose either Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (HVM), SSH Volume Type or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (HVM), SSH Volume Type from Amazon Machine Image(AMI) dropdown menu.

  6. For Architecture choose 64-bit (x86)

  7. Choose the instance type, which determines the hardware resources allocated to your instance. The following instance types are supported:

    • i3en family

    • c6in family

  8. On Key Pair (Login) section please select the same keypair you selected when you launched the cloud formation template from the key pair name dropdown menu

  9. On the Network Settings section, click the Edit button and select the VPC that you want to add your instance from the VPC-required dropdown menu.

  10. Select the Public subnet that was created from cloud formation from the Subnet dropdown menu. This will automatically set your instance's IP address to one in the subnet's IP address range.

  11. Leave Auto-assign public IP as it is. This will create a public IP for the instance.

  12. From the Firewall (security groups) section, Select Select existing security group and select the security group that was created via CloudFormation from the *security groups dropdown menu.

  13. Choose additional configuration options that you require, such as storage.

  14. Go to the Advance detail section and expand it. Find the Placement group dropdown menu and select the existing placement group that was created via the CloudFormation template.

  15. Review and launch your instance.

Once Launched, please follow Add ZebClient Application Node in another machine


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