Understand ZebClient Pricing

Scalable Pricing

Per default, ZebClient is billed based on usage in terms of data volumes and the level of acceleration ZebClient provides to your data access speeds. Billable items include:

  • Data under management

  • Number of nodes where you as a customer run the applications served with ZebClient accelerated data

  • Number of CPUs within the above application nodes

To secure a predictable and optimal cost, ZebClient customers can choose to subscribe to a fixed number of nodes and CPUs to connect to ZebClient at a fixed monthly fee. Usage beyond the subscribed number of nodes and CPUs, will be billed on an hourly basis.

The standard online ZebClient licenses, continuously report and display your usage. By logging into the Zebware Customer Portal, you can access information about your data under management, current node and CPU subscriptions, current usage beyond your subscription, and all associated cost. Please refer to the example below.

In logged-in mode, Zebware Customer Portal also provides an archive of previous billing and usage documentation per customer.

Data Under Management Fees

Data under management fees are calculated as the monthly average amount of data that is written into and saved in the ZebClient system. If data resides in multiple tiers simultaneously (as would be the case for all warm and hot data), the amount is only counted once.

Fees Based on Connected Application Nodes and CPUs

The hourly usage of nodes and CPUs is calculated based on snapshots of the usage showing the number of nodes and CPUs used every hour. If the number of nodes and CPUs is higher than the number subscribed to, the difference will be charged on an hourly basis.

Zebclient price list


Example Environment

The customer application is running on Azure, using four (4) Ls16_v3 VM instances around the clock. For temporary higher loads (ca 20 hours/month) , the environment is scaled out to include two additional Ls16_v3 VMs. The amount of data saved into the system is 2 TB.

ZebClient Fees

The customer selects a monthly subscription for the four (4) VMs that are used 24/7 and will be billed on an hourly basis for the two (2) scaled-out temporary VMs used 20 hours per month. The Ls16_v3 VMs includes 16 vCPUs corresponding to 8 physical CPUs each.

DescriptionFeeQTY from exampleAmount

Fixed monthly node fee




Fixed monthly pCPU fee


4 x 8


Hourly node fee


2 x 20


Hourly pCPU fee


2 x 20 x 8


Data under management fee




Total for this example


Offline License

ZebClient licenses can be provided as offline licenses to customers who require their IT infrastructure solutions to be isolated from the internet. Offline licenses are ordered with a fixed configuration and a predetermined fee which is charged in advance of every billing period. Usage beyond these predefined limits is not possible, ensuring total cost-predictability. Billing period is quarterly.

DescriptionMonthly fee

Offline license fee


vCPU fee


10 h burst vCPU fee


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