Defining Backend with AWS S3

Step 1: Install S3 Bucket and Database Node

The Goal of This Step

The goal of this step is to set up the storage resources needed for ZebClient. The following components will be deployed in your cloud environment:

  • 1 x db node: m5.large

  • 1 x S3 bucket


  • A ZebClient license: A trial license can be ordered for free from

  • An AWS Account: If you do not have an AWS account, click here to create an AWS account. ZebClient will be installed in a cluster called ZebClient cluster. This requires an AWS account with an IAM user with the role group Admin.

  • SSH Key Pair: An SSH Key Pair that will be used to provide secure access to the ZebClient cluster. An SSH key pair is selected in AWS CloudFormation during deployment and is needed to grant access when using SSH to connect to the ZebClient cluster. Instructions to create an AWS SSH Key Pair can be found here.

  • A machine running Linux for installing a ZebClient agent

Make sure to store your Key Pairs in a safe and secure location.

Make sure you create your Key Pair in the same region you intend to install the ZebClient cluster.

Deploy the CloudFormation Stack

The above two components are the minimum requirements for running the ZebClient agent on any machine e.g. your workstation. Please log in to the Zebware Customer Portal to get access to the deployment link of this CloudFormation stack.

Once logged into Customer Portal, the link to start the deployment is located in the license card on the dashboard.

In the CloudFormation interface, you will be asked to provide input for the following parameters (these are populated automatically when run from the Customer Portal):

Attention: All values are mandatory, make sure that AllowAccessFrom, KeyPairName, and ZebClientLicense are filled according to the instructions below.

Stack name - This is your CloudFormation stack name. It will also be used as a prefix to create the S3 bucket for your ZebClient cluster.

AllowAccessFrom - You should provide the public IP address range of your machine or your network where you are going to install the ZebClient agent. This option will limit access to the database and  i.e. for a single IP address or xxx.yyy.0.0/16 for a wider range.

KeyPairName - You have to provide your SSH key pair for your specific AWS region. If you don't have one, you can create the key pair on the AWS portal EC2 service page, in the "Network & Security" section.

ZebClientLicense - This is your ZebClient license. It should be automatically populated if you are redirected to the AWS CloudFormation page from the Zebware customer portal. If you are providing the license key yourself use the following format: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX

After the stack is successfully created, you will get the following information in the Outputs section of your CloudFormation stack page:


You will need to provide the above information in the step when you install the ZebClient agent node.

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