Add Application Node to Existing Machine (via zc-cli)

Assuming agent1 is the name of new agent and agent0 is already installed via CloudFormation and username is the username on the new agent


agent0 and agent1 must be running a Linux operating system. You must have SSH access to both agent0 and agent1 using a non-root user with sudo privileges. Please follow How to create passwordless access between VMs


  1. Login to agent0

ssh -i <key_file>.pem ubuntu@agent0
  1. start zc-cli:

ubuntu@zc-application-node-0:~$ zc-cli

 # zc-cli tool v0.1-beta #

Your Linux distro is: ubuntu
Your Linux user is: ubuntu


Menu options:

1) Get config files
2) Update ZebClient config files
3) Update ZebClient binary
4) Shutdown ZebClient Cluster
5) Startup ZebClient Cluster
6) Add Application Node
0) 'Exit'

Choose your option:
  1. Choose option 6

  2. You'll be asked for ipaddress and username for agent1. Please enter the ipaddress and linux username for the existing host where you want to install ZebClient.

If you don't have passwordless access to agent1, you will be prompted to enter your password.

  1. The script will automatically add ZebClient to the new node.

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