Verifying License Validity

How to Verify Your License Validity

There are 2 ways to check the license validity:

  1. Check the health endpoint on any node running ZebClient agent.

  2. Check the journald logs for ZebClient agent service.

How to verify the license validity using the health endpoint

  1. Login to any node running ZebClient agent i.e. agent0

  2. Get the health endpoint port number from the agent config file

grep HEALTH /etc/zebclient/agent.env
  1. Then run the following command

curl localhost:19100/health | jq
  "status": "pass",
  "checks": [
      "type": "system",
      "name": "license",
      "status": "pass",
      "time": "2023-10-27T10:04:06.715216861Z"

This section of the output will show either "status": "pass" or "status": "fail", where pass means you have a valid license and fail means the opposite.

How to verify the license validity using journalctl command.

This method is suitable only for the ZebClient offline license.

SSH to any node running ZebClient agent, then run the following command:

journalctl -u zebclient-agent | grep "zebclient offline expires"

where you will get an output like the following:

Oct 27 08:38:07 zc-app-node-0 zebclient[48393]: {"level":"warn","ts":"2023-10-27T08:38:07.019119828Z","caller":"licensing/offline.go:143","msg":"zebclient offline expires on 2024-10-26 08:12:53.602032312 +0000>

You will find information about your license expiry date in the logs.

License Validity Period

There is a 30 days grace period after the license expires where everything still works but there will be warnings in the logs. After this grace period the file system becomes read-only. After another 15 days after the grace period ends, the data is not available at all.

<--- active license period --->
<--- expired license - grace period: everything is still working but there will be warnings in the logs (30 days) --->
<--- expired license - read-only period: user will only have read-only access (15 days) --->
<--- expired license - access invalidated period --->

However, your data inside cold storage, either in Azure blob storage container or S3 bucket will remain intact. This means that whenever you have renewed the license you will be able to access your data again.

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