ZebClient Analytics

ZebClient Analytics(lakeuno) is a private high performance open-source "Modern Data Analytics Platform" supporting an AI SQL agent integrated with a ZebClient filesystem using object storage, S3 or Blob for any size of structured or unstructured data.


ZebClient Analytics infrastructure as code (IaC) delivers:


Data Storage - ZebClient

  • A posix compliant filesystem to all compute clusters and data analytic nodes

  • Simplicity by showing a standard filesystem to access all data

  • Scalable high performance data access to all nodes

  • A unified data access to all nodes

  • Cost effective object storage backend S3 or Blob for all data

  • Distributed filesystem access to all data

  • Possibility to connect existing external S3 buckets to be shown as folders on the filesystem

  • Simple portability of filesystem access to compute resources

Data Pipeline

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