AWS Installation Guide

Here we describe how to create ZebClient on AWS


  • A ZebClient license: A 30-days trial license can be ordered for free in the Zebware Store. It is recommended to use a generic email address like [email protected].
  • An AWS Account: If you do not have an AWS account, click here to create an AWS account. ZebClient will be installed in a cluster called ZebClient cluster. This requires an AWS account with an IAM user with the role group Admin.
  • SSH Key Pair: An SSH Key Pair that will be used to provide secure access to the ZebClient cluster. An SSH key pair is selected in AWS CloudFormation during deployment and is needed to grant access when using SSH to connect to the ZebClient cluster. Instructions to create an AWS SSH Key Pair can be found here.
Make sure to store your Key Pairs in a safe and secure location.
Make sure you create your Key Pair in the same region you intend to install the ZebClient cluster.

Fastest time to the full product installation

To get up and running fast we recommend choosing the AWS CloudFormation option.