Functional Overview

Here we describe what ZebClient is and what functions does it provide
ZebClient is a parallel file system, purpose-built to provide fast IO performance on massive, terabyte-scale data stores, backed by durable cloud-based storage, and powered by cost-effective hardware. Our documentation can help you quickly get started with building your first single-node Zebclient installation, distributing in a cluster for optimal performance, and quickly attaching your applications and analytics engines
ZebClient implements a distributed file system by separating the concerns of compute, data, and metadata storage. When using ZebClient to store data, the data itself is persisted in object storage (e.g. Amazon S3), and the corresponding metadata can be persisted in various databases such as Postgres and Redis, based on the individual use case and other non-functional requirements.
ZebClient can seamlessly interface with big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other application platforms without modifying code, and provide massive, elastic, and high-performance storage at low cost. With ZebClient, you do not need to worry about availability, disaster recovery, monitoring, and expansion, and thus operation and maintenance work can be kept to a minimum.


  • High Performance - ZebClient provides extremely high read and write access
  • POSIX Compliant - ZebClient can be used like a local file system as it seamlessly interfaces with existing applications
  • Redundancy - Using patented erasure code ZebEC, ZebClient protects data from node/drive/memory and bit-root failures
  • Availability - ZebClient delivers high-availability access to data under management
  • Encryption - Data is encrypted in transit using TLS. At rest, S3 storage provider encryption can be added. All data is sharded and erasure encoded. Shards can be distributed into multiple S3 cloud storage buckets, safeguarding against data protection concerns
  • S3 Compatible - ZebClient can be used with an S3 proxy such as this
  • Kubernetes - It is easy to use ZebClient in Kubernetes via our CSI Driver
  • Distributed - Each file system can be mounted on many servers at the same time with high-performance concurrent reads and writes and shared data
  • Strong Consistency - Any committed changes in files will be visible on all servers immediately and are ACID compliant
  • File Locking - ZebClient supports BSD lock (flock) and POSIX lock (fcntl)
  • Data Tiering - ZebClient uses a configurable data tiering mechanism that moves the data being used into the most appropriate tier, ensuring performant operations
  • Close to open cache consistency - This prevents two or more nodes from modifying a file simultaneously and thereby ensures cache write conflicts do not occur
  • Eviction - ZebClient provides a robust and intelligent eviction mechanism, ensuring data is pushed into the most cost-efficient storage, without compromising on performance